Interval trainings are really popular in those days. I'm in love with TABATA for more than a 4 years now. Let me tell you, why you should consider it too...


  • the most effective way for over all conditioning
  • helps with insulin resistance
  • increase fat oxidation
  • helps with glucose using in the body
  • can slow agging

What is TABATA?

This type of interval training was invented by Japanese doctor Izumi Tabata in 1996. He tested his method on cyclist and get amazing results.

His method is very simple.

1. Work for 20 seconds
2. Rest 10 seconds
3. Repeat 8 times
=> This is one round. Dr. Tabata found that the most effective way is to complete 4 those rounds.

The best part? This workout is only 20 minutes long, you don't need any special equipment or gym membership in order to be healthier and feel great.

I can recommend to stick with this plan for you Tabata:

1st round - 1x cardio exercise
2nd round  -1x exercise for legs
3rd round - 1x cardio exercise for arms
4th round - 1x cardio exercise for core

You can rotate many exercises, but try to stick with variety, so you workout your whole body.

One more thing  - in order to be effective, you need to workout 100% effort in those 20 seconds.

So enjoy and let me know, if you like it as much as I do...