CARNIVORE DIET - one MONTH experiment

A few weeks ago I made a video about my carnivore experiment, when I eat only a meat and eggs for one week:

After this video I get many comments and/or e-mails about Carnivore diet, how much you guys like it and that I should try longer period like a month.

Well, I did :-)

But let me begin with my reason why I'm trying this "controversial" diet. I suffer from autoimmunne disease and Carnivore diet seems to be a cure for many of them. At least according to some anecdotal evidence.

So I decide to give it a try.

I was eating only meat and eggs w/ some occasionaly meat products like sausages or bacon (all without any preservatives only with salt).

I was usually eating once/twice a day. Which is great, because I do not feel any cravings and was not hungry at all. Usually I eat breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast - coffee w/ collagen, bone broth or hard boiled egg. On the weekends scrambled eggs.

Lunch - steak (all time favorite), minced beef or pork belly.

And results? Subjetively - I was feeling great. No problems with digestion at all. No bloating (huge to me). Improved sleep and overall moode.

I do not have my blood test ready yet, so I cannot tell, if this helps with my autoimunne problems, but  I'm willing to give it a try again.