Review: The Bullet Journal Method - Your next and only planner

I first heard about Bullet Journaling a few months ago, but I thought, that it's just another hype. You know - how many systems for organising your time you already tried? I tried many things, many types of diaries, notebooks and even apps.

I bought so many different notebooks and diaries over the year, but I was never been able to follow them for long time. Usually a few weeks and I just stop. Why? Actually usually because traditional diaries are so tight. You have basically zero flexibility. You get one page, one column or one box for each day and that's it. If I need more space for one day and maybe just a little for another day, I'm unable to follow.

Then I see a video from Sorelle Amore about bullet journaling:

And I still was not ready to start one. But this was the first acutall push to learn more about this fenomenon. I start googling it and found so many artistically created journals, that basically overwelmed me. I just thought, that if I cannot create amazing art in my BuJo, than I can't even start.

So I just drop this idea for a while.

But then I was on Amazon and I saw ad for Book The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll and I just bought it. Immediately. I'm usually a Kindle reader, so all my books are living in my Kindle, but I read a reviews and many people was complaining about kindle version, so I bought paper version instead (the best decission actually).

And then it arrivewd - it's a beautifully made book! I'm a book lover, so believe me, it's just a beautiful. Hard cover with great paper and nicely done graphic design. It's joy to read it.

I read it basically in just a two days (nights). And let me tell you - I was very skeptical about this method before! I acutally bought it just out of my curiosity. But once I start reading about the actual method, I just fall in love with it.

The Method

It's super simple! Effective! So easy to follow! And gives you so much! And you don't need to be artist (ha, perfect).

It's a place where you can dump everything you have in your head. So instead of constany worry or remember thigns, you just put them down in your BuJo and they will never fade. During daily/weekly or monthly reflection you can move/migrate them, etc.

You can learn more in their website:,
Or you can buy this book (I promise, it's worth it) 

What you need

The best thing is that you don't need a much and not necessery to buy their notebook. You can you any notebook fits you the best. Official is with dots and you can find it on Amazon or their own website.

I started with basic black version, since I was not sure if this will be my "final" version. As Carol wrote in the book - it's a process and you will learn how to journal. So don't be affraid to change this up. Maybe your next journal will be different. Maybe you change the pen. That's okay.

The book

The book is well written and you will be catched immediately. Carol will show you parts of the system and you will learn how to incorporate it.

What is most important - you will also learn WHY. Why is this system working and how it can help you.

First part is just about introduction, the best starts in part II, when you will be learing about the acual system, how to rapid log (so you can capture your thoughts faster and more efficient), collections like daily log, montly log and future log and also how to work with your notes thrue migration

Part III - you will dive more into the journaling, how to do reflection, set goals and everything about gratitude.

Part IV will show you that collections can be even more powerful and how to customize many parts, so they will work better for you.

Last part V is more about concept that you don't have to be artist and perfect. You will also see a few examples from the comunity and their spreads.

Just try it

It's amazing system and I'm very grateful that I learn it. It's already helping me with organisation of my content (for blog and youtube) but also with my personal life, gratitude and basic journaling.

I feel more calm, since I have perfect overview about my days/weeks and months.

Just super cool.

Right now I'm doing daily log, monthly log and future log + small collections about research I found interesting or topic for a videos, super simple habits tracker and gratitude journal. So basics. But as Carol said - start with basics.

I'm using just a black pen - I choose Sakura Micron in two sizes 02 and 08 and I'm not sure if I will keep them, since I think that 02 is used so quickly and already start to fade. I love thicknes of 08 and this felt tip is fine. So I will change maybe only 02 for something else. Maybe a Staedler since many people love them. I don't know yet.

What I know is, that this system is really working and worth a try!

Let me know, if you heard about it, tried it and maybe love it? Also - if you have any tip for great pen to use (I prefer black ink) or notebook you love...

I have to go to check another bullet as a ready task (yaaay).

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