My 4 Favorite Snacks - KETO FRIENDLY

First of all - I do not snacks.. I strongly believe, that you should not be eating all the time. So my approach is usually to eat 2-3 times a day only.

So this list is more like - foods to go. Because you can bring them w/ you...

1. Chocolate

- well, I'm chocoholic :-))

- chocolate is powerful source of antioxidants, can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure
- choose organic if you can, high quality one w/ at least 85% chocolate content, check for added sugars and/or other stuff
- check my video about chocolate for more info:

2. Bulletproof coffee

- check original recipe on, mine is slightly different since I don't tolerate butter/ghee well
- you can easily prepare your own at home (super cheap) and pack it w/ you almost anywhere
- check video about chocolate (above) for concerns about coffee as well
- I like bulletproof coffee as a treat or as a dessert after lunch

3. Nuts

- super easy to carry w/ you anywhere
- highly satisfied, keep you full for hours
- be sure to choose low carb nuts like macadamia nuts or pecans instead of pistacio nuts

4. Hard boiled eggs

- keeps me full for hours
- eggs are super healthy food w/ complex amino acids, you can call them perfect food
- peel them and trow them in a container w/ pinch of the salt for easy snack to go

What's your favorite snacks???

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