How Sit at a Computer

What is more important?

1. Learn how to lift weights in the gym
2. Learn how to sit at a computer

In my opinion definetely the second thing. Let me explain...

How many hours (weekly, monthly...) you train in the gym? If you are super athletic person, let's say an hour a day. But honestly maybe like 3 times a week? Okay. Now - how many hours are you sitting every day? 8 hours in the office, 1-2 hours in the car and then you sit in front of the TV. Well it's more than 10 hours a day!

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for learning how to lift weights, but I believe that you should start with things, that have the biggest impact in your life. And unfortunately sitting is one of them. Of courste, that we should not be sitting all day long, but it's different story. Proper sitting position can help you with back pain and more.

So.. how to sit properly?

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  • feets are not touching the ground (usually wierdly around the chair, or ladies was - one leg over another)
  • you sit with curved lover back
  • no support for hands or wrong angle of the support
  • higher back rounded - forward bend
  • forward position of the head
Yeap, like that:
  • both feets on the ground, no rotation in ankles, knee angle 90 ° as well as hips
  • sit on sitting bones (move hips little bit forward)
  • hands have support (the best is again 90 ° angle)
  • straight spine position (push a little in the foots and look up)
  • head in neutral position
  • display needs to be higher than you can usually see around you, middle point of the display should be in the same hight your eyes are

Height of your display will help you with many of the correction. Because way you look is very important. Be also sure, that you have a correct looking angle:

Try it and try it and try it. Ask a friend to check your posture. It will be hard from the begining, but don't worry. It is worth a try! Be sure, that you have a time to get up frequently and walk for a few minutes (go to the bathroom or make a cup of coffee).

If you will improve your sitting, it can help you with many problems:
  • headache
  • back pain
  • shoulders pain
  • hips pain
  • even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Share, comment and try... it is worthy!