The 10 Rules For Successful Weight Loss

How many times you tried? How many times you failed? We all know this. But I have for you 10 tipes, that will help you to finally achieve your goals.

1. Believe in yourself!
It's not a cliché! You really need to believe in yourself, because selfconfidence will set a different mindset for you.

2. Write it down
Without goals written down, you are not able to control yourself. You will easily slip from "I want to lose 10 pounds" to "Well 5 pounds is great, it's enough".

3. Create a smaller goals
You have a big goal in your mind. That's great, but you have to separate it into the smaller ones. Firstly you need to see success as often as possible. And secondly big goals can take a long time. So you can easily loose your motivation during the journey.

4. Calendar on the fridge
Make a small easy calendar for you days, when you plan to hit the gym. And what a better place to display it, than a fridge. Every time you go around, you will see your timeline.

5. Personal reminder
Made a picture of yourself (whole body) and place it somewhere you can see it everyday. This picture should be your motivation.

6. Progress pics
Every 6 weeks make another picture. It's your progress picture. You will be suprised that usually we cannot see smaller changes from day to day. But if you can look back, then you will realize how much your body actually changed - another way of motivation.

7. Find your "WHY"
From my experience loosign weight is not enough motivation for most people. So sit down and write all your why - you will need them! 

8. No distraction
Do not buy and food you don't want to eat! You think it's obvious, but so many people have in their homes food that they don't want to eat anymore. It's much more easier to slip, if you have chips in your kithchen. So don't buy them.

9. Prepare your food
You need to have a plan B. Everytime, everyday... Preapre meal for yourself. Make a dinner and save leftovers for lunch tommorow. Also have portion of nuts or something in your bag. So if you are super hungry, you will have a healthy option.

10. Under control
You are the only one, who can help you. Nobody will eat for you. Nobody will move your body. You will have to do it! You are much more stronger than stupid comercials in the TV. Believe in yourser (again number 1 rule)