Eat the Rainbow - Phytochemicals

It's such a popular hastag on social media platforms. You can see amazingly colorful pictures of food, they looks amazing. But is it actually something real?

Vegetables and fruits contains Phytochemicals - biological active compounds, they can be called colorful plant pigments. Every color has a different impact on your health. Which means - if you eat as many colors as you can, you will get the most benefits.

Phytochemicals has a great impact on our health. There can be over hundreds of them in one piece of the fruit. This si one of the reasons, why sumplements cannot be your only way how to get nutrients we need. 

They are in every plant based foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, green tea and even cocoa beans or turmeric). Animal based products doesn't contain them.

So eat the rainbow - try to put on the plate as many colors as you can.

For example:

Red - tomatoes, bell peppers
Yellow - bell peppers, pumpkin
Blue - blueberries
Violet - onions, eggplant
Green - avocado, Jalapenos, spinach, leeafy vegetable